Captain rescued man from sea also recovers wallet four years later

CANSO, Nova Scotia ― The same captain of a vessel, which rescued a fisherman from the Atlantic Ocean after his ship capsized and sank in December 2013, found his wallet four years later.

Capt. John Baker and his crew had to jump overboard when the ship, Gentle Lady, capsized due to the waves and weight of sea cucumbers.

They watched the trawler sink and were stuck swimming in the sea for more than six hours during the night when Capt. Kevin Swimm and crew aboard Ocean Concord came to their rescue, according to news reports.

Swimm was in the area where the rescue occurred four years earlier trawling for clams on the Ocean Concord when Baker’s wallet was discovered among the clams brought up from the depths of the Atlantic, according to The Telegram.

Ocean Concord was on its last voyage at sea prior to being retired when the discovery was made.

Baker may have lost Gentle Lady, but he gets his wallet back containing his license, bank cards and a memento from his mother.

This man’s wallet may be considered his buried treasure recovered from his own shipwreck.

Sources: The Telegram, CBCNews

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