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Fearless Fishing Line Campaigns for an Inclusive Fishing Industry

ALEXANDRIA, VA.— A national campaign presented by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has launched a limited-edition fishing line created in partnership with Berkley® called Fearless Fishing Line. The line was inspired by research conducted by Take Me Fishing that showed women who fish are happier and healthier than those who do not. In addition, RBFF recently reported that female anglers are also a contributing factor to the revenue increases in the industry. 


In addition to highlighting the benefits of fishing and boating, Fearless Fishing Line was created to encourage more women to get out on the water. 

“The research is clear. Fishing and boating can have significant positive impacts on women,” said Rachel Piacenza, Senior Director of Marketing at RBFF, in a news release. “We created this line as a physical reminder of those benefits, and we hope it inspires more women to give fishing a try.”


National Fishing and Boating Week is an annual nationwide celebration of fishing and boating from June 3-11. The week-long celebration features free fishing days throughout the United States. It is designed to increase access to fishing and boating and draft the next generation of anglers and boaters.


Take Me Fishing created Fearless Fishing Line in partnership with Berkley, a Pure Fishing brand known for its scientific approach to product development. Berkley rigorously tests its baits and lines both in the lab and on the water. This scientific foundation is why Berkley products practically have to fish swimming to angler’s bait.


“When RBFF and Take Me Fishing™ approached us with the opportunity to partner on Fearless Fishing Line, we knew it was something we wanted to tackle,” said Kimberly Hoffman, Director of Marketing and Communications for Pure Fishing, in the news release. “Creating this line and the campaign around it is another important step toward increasing women’s participation in fishing and creating a more diverse, inclusive angling environment.”


Fearless Fishing Line is an extension of Take Me Fishing’s Find Your Best Self on the Water campaign, which launched on May 1. The campaign highlights research that shows fishing and boating can positively impact women. It also informs the public of the benefits of fishing and boating, inspiring more women to try the activities.

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