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Mystery Tackle Box

Catch Co. is a fishing and outdoor retail brand that offers a fun surprise for anglers, the Mystery Tackle Box. Founded in 2012, MTB allows anglers to be introduced to fishing by providing a fun and exciting box chalked full of baits tailored to the species of your choice.


MTB offers a few different species selections with each subscription depending on your target fish, including bass, panfish and trout, inshore saltwater, walleye, multi-species, and even Ice Fishing (offered when in season).


New subscribers can expect to receive nifty new baits from great brands across the fishing industry, their Dibble fishing magazine, and a bait card full of product information. All of the items are designed to help you learn about the products in the box, help newcomers, and fine-tune the skills of avid anglers.


MTB offers three tiers of boxes: Regular, Pro, and Elite. Subscribers will receive more value per box as they upgrade through the tiers.


In addition, MTB posts product-related videos for items inside the boxes every month, so customers can learn more about the products they receive.


MTB costs $19.99 a month for the standard box and $29.99 a month for our pro box, and you can cancel at any time.


For more information or to purchase a subscription, please visit

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