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New chairman appointed to U.S. Coast Guard National Boating Safety Advisory Council

ORLANDO, Florida —Jim Emmons, a 31-year career marine industry veteran and current non-profit outreach grants director for the Water Sports Foundation, Inc. – a division of the Water Sports Industry Association – was recently appointed as the U.S. Coast Guard National Boating Safety Advisory Committee (NBSAC) Chairman by Coast Guard Capt. David C. Barata, Director, Inspections and Compliance.

In this senior leadership capacity, Emmons now serves as the key communications conduit between the U. S. Coast Guard and its NBSAC members.

“We are very pleased by his appointment and his willingness to contribute his time and considerable talent to furthering boating safety efforts within the recreational marine sector,” Verne Gifford, U. S. Coast Guard Chief, Boating Safety Division, said in a released statement.

Emmons’ first assignment came at the onset of Covid-19 and involved planning and conducting the NSBAC’s first-ever online virtual meeting, condensing a full two-day session into a four-hour digital conference involving more than 70 participants.

“I’m appreciative of the confidence extended to me by the U. S. Coast Guard and

NBSAC administrators and look forward to continued service,” Emmons said in a released statement. “Boating safety is a major area of my professional focus, so I’m especially grateful to work closely with such a highly committed organization including dedicated council members in furthering important and ongoing boating safety initiatives.”

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