Slip Owners at Olde Naples Seaport back in their marina

NAPLES, Fla.– After more than a year of paying rent in neighboring marinas, the slips owners at Olde Naples Seaport in Naples, Florida have been allowed to return their boats to their slips. In November 2012, the boats were relocated to allow for a massive overhaul of the existing facility. The docks were removed in December; slip owners had expected to be back in their slips by June.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a short term inconvenience ended up being much more. By July of 2013, it was clear to the marina that the dock manufacturer was not going to be able to meet its contractual obligation.No docks had been delivered and the manufacturer ended up pulling out of its contract leaving the marina with an empty basin.

The marina contacted Bellingham Marine. Bellingham Marine supplied the needed docks for the project, delivering the last of them in November. Boats started moving back into the marina in January 2014 as sections were completed. The last boat returned in March.


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