State Parks director names new head for Cal Boating

SACRAMENTO (LOG NEWS SERVICE) — The Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) has a new leader.

The Department of Parks and Recreation announced June 4 that DPR Deputy Director Chris Conlin will be the acting deputy director of the DBW.

“Conlin has been the deputy director for the DPR’s Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Division since March 2013, and will continue to also serve in this role while a new deputy director for DBW is recruited,” Park’s Director Anthony Jackson said in a release.

Conlin replaces Sylvia Ortega Hunter, who was appointed to serve as the division’s deputy director when the Department of Boating and Waterways became a division and merged into DPR last year.

Sources reported that Hunter was forced to step down because her appointment as deputy director had not been confirmed by the Senate.

Prior to her appointment as deputy director Hunter served three years  heading the Boating and Waterway’s loan and grant programs.

“The governor and I have asked Sylvia to serve as supervising management auditor in the department’s audit office.” Jackson said. “DPR thanks Sylvia for her commitment and perseverance in leading the Division of Boating and Waterway through its integration with California State Parks.”

In spite of efforts by the boating community to prevent it, on July 1 2013, DBW — as part of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Government Reorganization Plan No 2 — officially became a division and merged into the DPR. The governor’s plan also eliminated the position of director which headed the former department.


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