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Consumer Protection Hotline Established for Fuel Pump Issues

posted: 1/3/2012
Fill er Up, Accurately -- Fueling a boat in Mexico usually means ordering what you need in liters, not gallons -- and paying for what you took in pesos, not dollars. But if you think you have been ripped off by a faulty fuel meter, contact PROFECO.
Have you ever been ripped off at the pump?

The online publication Baja Insider recently posted a toll-free number where the public — including visitors to Mexico — can call to report problems with fuel pumps south of the border.

PROFECO is a Mexico consumer watchdog that focuses on weights and measures, including Pemex fuel pumps. The agency wants to know if the public finds discrepancies — such as meters that may be calibrated to measure liters incorrectly.

For example, if a fuel dock shows it pumped 100 gallons into your boat’s tank, but you know your tank holds only 80 gallons when bone dry, there may be a problem in the method the facility uses to convert liters to gallons. One U.S. gallon equals 3.785 liters, and it should not be “rounded” to 3.5, for instance.

“If you feel that any (PEMEX) gas station is not giving correct amounts, then you may call PROFECO at (01 800) 468-8722 toll-free, to report the station,” Baja Insider reported.

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