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Goodbye to a master shipwright


I was saddened to hear of the passing of master shipwright Dennis Holland who passed away Monday, May 12 (The Log, May 23 edition). I followed the story of Dennis and Shawnee for the past few years when he and the vessel began to make headlines in local newspapers.            

It is heartbreaking that city officials and neighbors did not back off and leave him be. His passion for rebuilding the 118-foot boat was inspiring as he attempted to fulfill a long held dream.            

Too bad he was unable to complete the boat’s restoration and it makes me wonder what will become of Shawnee?

Sharon W.

Kudos for volunteers


I read this article in the May 23 edition of The Log and at first it angered me to know that so many innocent sea lions have been washing ashore with severe wounds and diseases. But as I continued to read on, I was happy to learn of all the volunteers who have stepped up to help these poor mammals that are in need of desperate care.            

Thank you for bringing awareness to these strandings and the need for more help at these mammal care centers.

 Benny C. Laguna Beach, Calif.

 Letter edited for clarity and brevity.

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