Longtime Catalina lover, boater creates card collection highlighting the island

AVALON—It’s not hard to find to hidden treasures and sights on Catalina Island – little charms in windows, names of buildings, tiled walls. Capturing the island’s magic is something longtime boater and professional photographer Jeff Granbery has been doing for the past decade. Granbery, who also serves on the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club Board of Directors, has taken more than 40,000 photos of these island treasures over the past 10 years. A simple idea to share his work with fellow island lovers turned into a passion project, Catalina Cards and Prints.

“I really just wanted to share some of the unique parts of the island that I consider the charming parts,” Granbery said.

About a month ago Granbery finalized a website featuring about 310 of his images, which are available for custom printing. The biggest focus of Catalina Cards and Prints however was to create a card set people could purchase for a low cost to share with others or frame.

“I wanted to make a card set where somebody could, for a low price, get some high-quality imagery they could share with others,” Granbery said.

The card set features five, 5X7 cards printed on linen paper for $20. He said for this first card set, he focused on some of the most iconic parts of the island, including the Casino, buffalos, and Joes Rent-a-Boat.

The card set, as well as custom prints can be purchased online at catalinacards.com. Granbery has also been working on selling the card set in local stores on Catalina Island and has seen some great interest from both shops and shoppers.

“From little whimsical charms found on a conner to wide panoramic harbor views, I hope to show the island off in its best light,” Granbery wrote on his website.

He said this project was fueled by his deep love for the island and was less about making money and more about sharing his passion for Catalina. He’s been boating to the island since he was 4 or 5 years old, has worked on the island as a camp counselor at Camp Fox and even met his wife on the island.

“My whole family is really dedicated to the island,” Granbery said. “It seems to be the one thing we can agree one is going to the island.”

For more information or to shop visit catalinacards.com. Those interested in purchasing can use code POSTCARD10 to receive 10% off any print. Catalina Cards and Prints can also be found on Instagram at catalinacards.

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