Harbor Blotter

Harbor Blotter, June 20 ed


San Diego Harbor
June 2 • Harbor Police units responded to Fiddlers Cove to assist with a vessel that was taking on water. There were four passengers on the vessel, who were safely transported to a Harbor Police vessel. The sinking vessel was dewatered and towed back to the marina.
June 2 • Harbor Police units found a disabled personal water craft in the South Bay.  The personal water craft was towed back to the 24th St. launch ramp.
June 3 • Harbor Police units investigated an environmental incident in the Shelter Island Yacht Basin.
June 6 • Harbor Police units contacted a 49-year-old man who was swimming in the Harbor island West Lagoon. He was transported to County Mental Health and placed on a 72-hour hold.
June 8 • Harbor Police units arrested a 48-year old male in the Shelter Island Yacht Basin for illegal mooring and possession of drug paraphernalia.
June 8 • Harbor Police units investigated a vessel collision in the A-3 anchorage.
June 8 •  Harbor Police units provided assistance to a disabled personal water craft in the Chula Vista Channel.  The personal water craft was towed to the J St launch ramp.
June 1 •: Harbor Police units cited a 52-year-old male for negligent vessel operation near buoy 15.
June 1 •  Harbor Police units provided assistance to a vessel with engine trouble in the Chula Vista Channel. The vessel was towed to the Chula Vista Marina.

Dana Point Harbor
June 8 •
6:17 p.m. Harbor Patrol responded to a call of suspicious persons when 10 people were reported to have been loitering on a vessel. The boat will be auctioned off so will have people coming down to look at it.
June 7 • 5:56 p.m. Harbor Patrol responded to a small sailboat stuck on the rocks between the office and the outer channel.


May 12 • The fishing vessel Linda Faye rescued a young bald eagle 1 ½ miles off the east end of the island.  The eaglet was brought to Avalon and a team member of the Marine Animal Rescue (an Avalon Harbor Patrolman) transported the bird to the animal clinic for treatment.
May 11 • 3:15 p.m.. The fuel dock reported that a vessel that had just taken on fuel was now on fire near the rocks behind the dock. Our patrol boat, equipped with pump and fire hose, responded and quickly began putting water on the fire.  The occupants had been safely removed.  Baywatch Avalon arrived on scene minutes later and took over the fire suppression.  Although the vessel was severely damaged, all other vessels and structures were kept protected.


Ventura Harbor
June 8 • 3:4 p.m.  Harbor Patrol received a report of a vessel in need of assistance just outside the breakwater. Patrol responded, took the vessel into tow and released it at the Launch Ramp.
June 8 • 1:30 p.m. Harbor Patrol observed a kayaker capsize in the Harbor and not be able to get back on his craft. Patrol pulled him and his kayak out of the water
June 5 • 8:50 a.m. The Dockmaster reported a possible fuel leak at Harbor Village. Patrol located the source to be a squid tender. Patrol made contact with the skipper and advised him to clean up the bilge.
June 4 • 4:45 p.m. Island Packers reports a vessel taking on water at their dock. Patrol responded and pumped out a sailboat that has about a foot of water in it. Patrol left the boat in its slip.
June 4 • 7:50 a.m. Harbor Patrol received a request for assistance from a vessel disabled in the channel. Patrol responded and released the vessel at its slip at Ventura Harbor Marina.

Santa Barbara Harbor

June 3 • 6:59 p.m. Harbor Patrol responded code 3 to Loma Vista and Shoreline on a report of a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident. Performed a rapid assessment and confirmed the male victim had no head or neck pain. Removed the patients pant leg and determine he had a tib/fib compound fracture. He was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.
June 2 • 3:02 p.m. The M/V Condor Express reported to Harbor Patrol that they had come across two people on a tandem yellow kayak 4.5 miles south of the harbor.  Condor Express Capt. and crew, were concerned for the safety of the individuals explaining that sea conditions were worsening.  Harbor Patrol responded and picked up the two individuals.  The two kayakers said they were paddling to San Diego.  Harbor Patrol educated them on the sea conditions (Gale Warnings) and recommend they continue their journey when the weather conditions were more favorable
May 27 • 1:50 p.m. Harbor Patrol Officers received a report from M/V Lil’ Toot of a person in the water unable to get back on their kayak near the end of Stearns Wharf. Harbor Patrol responded on PB#2 and pulled two persons from the water and returned them to Accommodations Dock.

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