Construction Scheduled on Dana Wharf Feb. 10-18

Construction Scheduled on Dana Wharf Feb. 10-18

DANA POINT – Contractors have began to remove and replace the existing ramp on the North East side of the Dana Wharf Sportfishing building as part of the renovation for the new Waterman restaurant.

Work is expected to run from Feb. 10-18 during the evening hours as to not disrupt harbor tenants.

The seafood restaurant takes the place of  the Jolly Rodger.

The ramp is being relocated and upgraded with a ramp that meets the new accessibility standards, explained Ken Stetson, general manager with Vintage Marina Partners L.P.

“The new ramp will be on the opposite side of the patio, allowing the outside patio to be moved adjacent to the restaurant rather than severing the connection, as it is currently configured,” he explained.

The new ramp will be approximately 30 feet long and 8 feet wide with hand rails that meet current accessibility standards.

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