Dana Point Boaters Association re-introduces Boater Liaison Program

DANA POINT― The Dana Point Boaters Association (DPBA) announced the return of its Boater Liaison Program, a community forum connecting local boating interest with Orange County staff and elected leaders.

Boaters and others interested in the revitalization efforts of Dana Point Harbor will be able to submit their comments, concerns and questions to county officials (through the liaison program) beginning in March, DPBA leaders announced Jan. 16.

The Boater Liaison Program was created as a community partnership between DPBA and Dana Point Harbor leadership.

DPBA Vice President James Lenthall said the Boater Liaison Program “offers boaters and other members of our Dana Point Harbor community a forum to ask questions, express their views, share ideas and make suggestions to the various agencies that manage our harbor and oversee its operations.”

The Boater Liaison Program, which was reinstated after a brief hiatus, collects comments, concerns and questions for review (and response) by relevant county staff or leaders. Boaters and community members are asked to submit their comments or questions by Jan. 31.

Submissions can be made online here: bit.ly/2jseBpj.

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