Lake Elsinore Installs Floating Toilets

Byline: Associated Press

LAKE ELSINORE (AP) — Heads ahoy! Floating toilets have returned to Lake Elsinore.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported May 10 that two solar-powered toilets were just launched at the Southern California lake. They replace two decade-old toilets removed last season.

The toilets, which resemble wooden cabins, could help boaters avoid a long journey back to shore. They are located near the southwest shore of the lake, where public restrooms are sparse.

Each has two stalls and uses lake water to flush. A double-hull holding tank prevents anything from “muddying the waters.” The toilets will be periodically towed back and pumped out on shore.

State and federal funds paid for the toilets, which cost $65,000 each and are designed to last a decade.


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