Oceanside City Council approves lease for Boat Rentals of America

            A request by Boat Rentals of America to start a new boat club for its members at Oceanside Harbor was approved by the Oceanside City Council, May 23. The new permit will allow paid members of Boat Rentals of America to utilize their boats through the new club.

Oceanside has permitted Boat Rentals of America to operate within the harbor commercial area since 1997; its current agreement with the business, a 10-year term, runs through 2023.

“Since operating and over time, [Boat Rentals of America] has made building improvements and added transient dock space to provide additional boat rentals and other related watercraft services to boaters and the general public,” Oceanside city staff stated in a report to council members. “[Boat Rentals of America] would like to start a new boat club at the Oceanside Harbor and therefore would need additional boat dock slips.”

Boat Rentals of America will be granted space at three additional boat slips to accommodate the boat club and vessel usage.

The company will begin paying rent on the slips as of June 1. Boat Rentals of America, in all, will pay $34,314 per year for five years – for a total contract of $171,562.

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