Redondo Beach receives public input on waterfront revitalization

REDONDO BEACH — City officials and a local developer planning to revitalize Redondo Beach’s waterfront and harbor area have been interacting with local residents and stakeholders to receive input on the recently released draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

Two public workshops have already been held to present the environmental analysis of the proposed project and solicit comments of how the revitalization can be improved.

A third and final public workshop will be held Jan. 9, 2016, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel across from King Harbor.

CenterCal Properties, the firm hired by Redondo Beach to revitalize the waterfront, released a 12-minute video in November to introduce specific elements of the project.

The city aims to revitalize 36 acres of a 150-acre waterfront area. Revitalizing the waterfront, city officials hope, will make Redondo Beach a destination for boaters and other visitors while honoring the local beach culture.

Plans call for a new small craft boat launch ramp, pedestrian bridge across the Redondo Beach Marina/Basin 3 entrance and improvements to Seaside Lagoon.

Boaters would have access to a two-lane boat launch ramp with boarding floats and adjacent parking. City officials anticipate the new launch ramp would take eight months to complete.

The two boat hoists at Redondo Beach Marina would be removed to make way for the launch ramp, which would be 50 feet wide and protected from storm waves and wind by a 420-foot rubble mound breakwater. A boat wash down area and parking lot would be adjacent to the ramp, according to the draft EIR.

Existing docks and slips at Redondo Beach Marina in Basin 3 would be demolished and redeveloped. The dinghy dock and hand launch ramp for standup paddleboard and kayaks would be relocated. All vessels would be relocated during construction.

“The proposed project includes the replacement of the entire floating dock complex and appurtenant facilities within the marina,” the draft EIR stated. “The number of slips being considered within the marina range from 33 slips with eight side-ties … to a maximum of 60 slips with eight side-ties. The option with fewer slips would accommodate a greater number of larger vessels (30 feet in length and above).”

Redondo Beach Marina currently houses 61 boat slips and can accommodate vessels between 20 and 65 feet.

CenterCal maintains the waterfront revitalization will continue to promote boating and other marine recreational activities.

“… the basic function of the [new venue] to support marine recreational opportunities would remain,” the draft EIR stated. “New docks and facilities would enhance the utility of the basin for coastal dependent recreational activities.”
Plans also call for demolition of the current sportfishing pier and replacing it with a new angling venue made of timber or concrete.

 “If the pier is replaced, the proposed project includes the removal of the existing structure … [and replaced] with a new building [of similar size]. Features that may be included at the reconstructed pier are boat mooring and passenger loading ramps/gangways,” the draft EIR stated.

It is possible a new sportfishing pier would not be built, meaning boat mooring and passenger loading ramps would be located at the entrance of Basin 3 and fishing could take place at Horseshoe or Monstad piers.

Upgrades to Seaside Lagoon include converting the interior swimming area into a connection with King Harbor. The draft EIR states a lagoon inlet to the outer harbor would be created by removing and excavating the existing hand launch and dinghy dock.

Waterside construction is expected to begin in 2017 and continue through 2019.

A 130-room hotel, retail shops, restaurants, specialty cinema, public market hall and creative office space are also part of CenterCal’s revitalization plans and would be built adjacent to King Harbor and Seaside Lagoon.

About 220,000 square feet of existing structures are expected to be demolished under current plans. Most of the 520,000 square feet of redeveloped space would be new additions to the waterfront.

CenterCal predicts the waterfront revitalization would create 2,500 new jobs and contribute about $3.25 million annually to sustainable economic growth.

Public comments can be submitted now through Jan. 19, 2016 to City Planner Katie Owston via email (Katie.Owston@redondo.org) or snail mail (City of Redondo Beach, 415 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach, Calif. 90277).
The final public workshop will be held Jan. 9, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Public workshops were also held on Nov. 21 and Dec. 9.

A copy of the draft EIR and information on the remaining public workshop is available on the city’s website, Redondo.org (follow the Waterfront link from the homepage).

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