Things to Do on Catalina Island

  • Moor your boat at Avalon Harbor
  • Board “Cyclone” from Avalon to Two Harbors
  • Snorkel at Lover’s Cove
  • Rent a boat, kayak, standup paddleboard or pedal boat
  • Rent a jet ski (seasonal)
  • Go fishing
  • Go parasailing
  • Go diving
  • Go SCUBA diving
  • Visit the new Catalina Island Museum
  • Visit Catalina Island Conservancy’s Trailhead
  • Visit Catalina Country Club
  • Visit the old bird park
  • Visit the remodeled Hotel Atwater
  • Stroll through Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Garden
  • Relax at Island Spa Catalina
  • Attend Catalina Festival of Art
  • Take an aerial tour of the island via helicopter
  • Have lunch at Airport-In-The-Sky
  • Have lunch at Mt. Ada, the original Wrigley home
  • Have lunch or dinner at Harbor Reef restaurant at Two Harbors
  • Eat a meal at Toyon Grill (Catalina Island Conservancy’s Trailhead building)
  • Enjoy formal entertainment at the Casino Building
  • Catch some flying fish at night
  • Take a zip line eco tour
  • Walk “in the clouds” at Aerial Adventure
  • Dive into the water at Casino Point Dive Park
  • Play a round of miniature golf
  • Play a round of real golf
  • Have desert at Scoops, Catalina Island
  • Indulge yourself at Island Spa Catalina
  • Relax at Descanso Beach Club
  • Take a food tour of Avalon’s restaurants
  • Take a guided UFO tour
  • Boat around the island
  • Check out the Civil War barracks at Two Harbors
  • Unwind at Banning House in Two Harbors (no WiFi, TVs or Radios)
  • Try a Buffalo Milk Cocktail
  • Play disc golf
  • Take a Safari Bus tour of the island
  • Take a biofuel Hummer Tour of the island
  • Hike along the Trans-Catalina Trail
  • Camp at any of the island’s official campgrounds
  • Go mountain biking
  • Rent a golf cart
  • Rent a palapa at Harbor Sands (Two Harbors)


This is only a partial list of activities on Catalina Island. 

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