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Comments, Nov. 4-17 issue

Location, location, location

Re: Redondo Beach boaters could get a launch ramp at Mole B (Oct. 21 issue). Mole B is a small space; there will be only 32 parking places, less than half of which will be pull-through spaces for trailers. It’s also a longer drive on a congested beach traffic road. Mole D would allow a shorter drive, on roads with two lanes in each direction, crossing bike lanes at a major intersection with a light, a biggerarking lot d more actual ramp lanes.

Roger Carlson


Nonprofit to the rescue

Re: Scrappy nonprofit rescues the tall ship Bill of Rights (Oct. 7 issue). As a volunteer on The Pilgrim and The Spirit of Dana Point, I wish to express how totally great it is to be on and participate in the upkeep and well-being of these ships. Getting to go out on The Spirit and actually sail it is another big plus, but even if I were never able to sail this great vessel, I’ve been most blessed in life by giving my time, skills and love to something so full of history, present and future. Being a volunteer on a tall ship makes you a better person!

Ray Patnoe


Political posturing

Re: Election 2016: What’s at stake for boaters (Oct. 21 issue). California Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson is really no friend of boaters. She is not merely an environmentalist, but an environmental extremist. She might eliminate powerboats if given the chance.

George Miller

Thank you for this overview. I wish political positions, pending legislation and implementation of adopted legislation occupied a greater part of The Log.

David Tanner

That’s why you should always be out at sea on Jan. 1.



Bon voyage Jetpack

Re: Jetpack America to shut down Newport Beach flight center (Oct. 21 issue). Good riddance. They never should have been allowed in any harbor. It’s a huge lawsuit waiting for a deep pocket.

Wayne Ford


Drought conflicted 

Re: Is desalination the answer to our persistent drought problems? (Sept. 9 issue). Water sources that have lower costs and less environmental impacts should be considered to meet the increasing water demand. Water conservation and efficiency have been underestimated in long-term water demand forecasting. Water conservation measures can have a significant effect on reducing the per capita water use rate.

Milsa Vijayadharan

Who is the “we” that “needs” the water? Anyone who actually attends the Orange County Water District meetings must certainly recognize that OCWD does NOT need the water. In fact, in presentation after presentation, staff has raised the concerns regarding what to do with this water. OCWD is a groundwater management agency, not a retailer of water. Even if you ignore the fact that OCWD has overstated demand by 90,000 acre-feet (per the Municipal Water District of Orange County Urban Water Management Plans), they far exceed the ability of their members to produce the water with existing infrastructure. The reason the basin is below its optimal storage limit is not because OCWD hasn’t had access to replenishment water, but because they didn’t want to raise rates to pay for the water (which is a fraction of the cost of desalinated water). Bottom line is Poseidon needs to find a different “partner” to fleece.

Debbie Cook

What is the salt content of desalinated water? Why do rate-paying taxpayers have to pay $3,240 per acre-feet for Poseidon Desalination water only to have it pumped back into the ground? Then the rate payers will have to pay to pump it back out of the ground. $40 monthly water bills for the residents. If I am wrong, then where is the legislation capping the monthly water bills? Remember, there is no cap on the price of water for 50 years that Poseidon will charge for desalinated water. This water smells.

Milt Dardis

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