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Suzuki Marine Introduces National “4-4-2” Sales, Recycling Program

The program provides incentives to put boaters into clean and efficient Suzuki 4-stroke power while getting old 2-strokes off the water.

Suzuki Marine USA has introduced a new program aimed at assisting boaters in transitioning to cleaner and more fuel-efficient outboard technology. The “4-4-2” program was unveiled at the 2024 Minneapolis Boat Show and is set to be available nationwide in early 2024.


Under the program, Suzuki Marine dealers will offer additional discounts to customers who trade in their old two-stroke motors for new Suzuki 4-stroke outboard engines. To qualify, dealers must responsibly scrap or recycle the old engines, with any proceeds from the process donated to an environmental organization selected by the dealer. Trade-ins of any brand or size of two-stroke outboard are accepted, regardless of their condition or age.


While modern four-stroke outboards offer benefits such as lower emissions, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced reliability, a significant number of older and less efficient two-stroke engines remain in use.


Brandon Cerka, Suzuki Marine’s general manager of sales and marketing, highlighted the program’s origins: “Following a successful trial run with Dan Chesky of Dan’s Southside in Minneapolis last summer, we decided to expand the program nationally. Our aim is to assist more customers in adopting cleaner-burning Suzuki 4-stroke technology and retiring older two-stroke motors.”


During the trial period, representatives from Suzuki Marine and Dan’s Southside collaborated with MN-Fish (Minnesota Sportfishing Foundation Coalition) at the Minneapolis Boat Show. For each two-stroke outboard converted and scrapped during the trial, $4,000 was donated to MN-Fish. Suzuki Marine also has committed to matching this donation, effectively doubling the program’s impact.


The “4-4-2” program applies to the sale of any new Suzuki outboard ranging from 2.5 to 350 horsepower. Suzuki Marine has a history of environmental initiatives, including the introduction of a Micro Plastics Collecting Device for outboard motors, promoting renewable marine fuels in collaboration with the National Marine Manufacturers Association and ongoing efforts through the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project to safeguard oceans globally.


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3 thoughts on “Suzuki Marine Introduces National “4-4-2” Sales, Recycling Program

  • Shawn Vue

    How long will the 4 4 2 programs will be running? I have a 115hp 2 strokes that I may possibly trade in if it’s a good deal. Thanks!

  • Scott Swackhamer

    im thinking the same thing I have a OMC Johnson 85 and would trade it in on a 90 or 115 this summer or fall if the incentive is right. Kinda looking forward to the quiet and helping the environment

  • Donald Ussher

    I might be interested if the incentives are good enough.I have 150 hp Yamaha I’d love a white Suzuki.



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