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Wow, 34.2 degrees above normal?

Re: El Nino on the radar: Wet winter could be in store (Oct. 9,2015 issue). ” …the three-month average of sea surface temperature between June and August in the sample area was almost 34.2 degrees above normal.” wow, that’s REALLY hot. Maybe the decimal is in the wrong place? Is that Fahrenheit or Celsius? Either way, that sea surface temperature seems off the scales. BTW: Don’t leave anything in your cockpit that could clog your scupper drains, as I once did. Nearly sank my boat

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Thank you for bringing this number to our attention. As a result, The Log’s reporter spoke with NOAA to clarify the conversion calculation, which differs from the one used in the article. The story has been updated with the correct degree: 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit above normal (as of Oct. 8), the third-highest value since 1950.

Politics at its best

Re: Huntington Harbour fuel dock shut down (Oct. 9, 2015 issue). Police and Military use? Are they still using this system or are they blocked. Government officials continue to trip over their own political feet as they try to fix an issue. Huntington Beach officials need to make it attractive for another owner to take over as well as help out with the EPA and other issues, even if it is required to go with above ground tanks. That being said, I’m sure there’s an easement in place for the business to access those tanks despite what Simple Green has to say about it. The owner or new owners have every right to access their tanks. You want it to work out, and then make it work without the complications of government.

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Silly, why?

Re: Santa Barbara Harbor seeks to update how it defines a vessel (Oct. 9 issue). There seems to be a city attitude about houseboats and floating homes. Why? As long as they contain and dispose of their black water, they are functioning exactly as any other moored vessel. If a couple living on a yacht moves to a houseboat, or vice versa, the grey water impact is exactly the same. Same showers, same sinks, same dishes, etc. We fought this battle in Washington State and eventually passed legislation that protected houseboats from derogatory legislation. Whether or not a vessel has propulsion is irrelevant. If it has people on board and it is on the water, it is functioning in the same manner as any other moored vessel. A vessel that is moving under its own propulsion is known to cause damage to sea life via propellers, wake, fuel exhaust, frequent fuel spills during refueling, and the exorbitant cost (financially and ecologically) when one of these fueled vessels sinks. Houseboats are green and have a very small carbon footprint. This is simply shape discrimination. Why? (I suspect financial motivation).

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Re: Dog Aboard Roundup take 6 (Oct. 9, 2015 issue). We mistakenly identified Boudy as Buddy.

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