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Letter to the Editor: Lead Fishing Ban

If you are a member of a recreational fishing club or have a business dependent on recreational fishing, we greatly appreciate your immediate assistance.

As you know by now, the California State Legislature is considering Assembly Bill 2787 that will ban all lead weights and sinkers 50 grams (1.75 ounces) or less. This state legislation will have a devastating impact on fishing participation rates, outdoor tourism, sales and jobs. With fewer licenses sold, the state will have even less revenue to stock fish and manage fisheries.

What’s more, the price of alternative fishing weights and sinkers could cost anglers 2-3 times more — and most likely, even more!

We were just notified that AB 2787 has been referred to a committee chaired by the bill’s author, Assembly Member Bill Quirk, and could be heard any day now.

As a consequence, CSL has requests that require your immediate attention:

1) Letters from clubs, employers, charter boat companies, marina operators, manufacturers, tackle shops, retailers, etc. need to be sent to the committee ASAP (Not an email. Email copies to CSL)

2) Circulate the petition, either electronically or by hard copy at your place of business. Ask your favorite tackle shop to collect signatures! (Download petition from CSL’s website)

On how and where to address letters, visit www.savefishing.com — or email info@savefishing.com or call 916.936.1777.

Remember, if you think another angler is going to act on your behalf, it won’t happen — and AB 2787 WILL make it to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk to become law!

Anglers have a voice in the political process. Be heard. Thank you.

Marko Mlikotin, Executive Director of the California Sportfishing League


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