Kudos to Duncan

Kudos to Duncan

RE: Duncan McIntosh at the helm as The Log navigates to 1,000th issue (June 19 issue). Thousands of us in the SoCal boating community are very grateful to Duncan McIntosh for steering The Log through rough patches into friendly waters – the 1,000th issue, bravo. Duncan must have broad shoulders. The Log continues to provide the only cohesive communications in our far-flung community of faithful readers and advertisers. I’m fortunate to have written for The Log under Lou Gerlinger (1980-84) and freelanced for it under Duncan McIntosh as well. Couldn’t ask for wiser captains. Wishing you more issues.

Pat Rains
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Congrats, Duncan

Re: Duncan McIntosh at the helm as The Log navigates to 1,000th issue (June 19 issue). As a young law student in San Diego many years ago I used to provide Sea Magazine with boating law items. Always a joy to work with Duncan McIntosh’s fine staff. One thousandth issue of The Log a major accomplishment by a well respected publisher.

Joan Wenner, J.D. 
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More thoughts on fire rings

Re: Coastal Commission approves fire rings plan (June 19 issue). Gee, sorry you think public beaches are your private playground just because you are able to live nearby. Buy a house on the beach in SoCal and you better expect lots of people showing up to enjoy the amenity. And yes, that includes campfires. You complain about the smoke from fire rings — how about I complain about your house blocking my view of the coast/bay. Maybe houses on the water should be outlawed?

Larry P.
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Desal a plus

Re: Poseidon Desalination Plant could negatively impact local fishing (June 5 issue). I can’t understand the folks that are so against the desalination plant in Huntington Beach or any place else for that matter. The people in charge, EPA, Coastal Commission and the Orange County Water District (OCWD) need to do their homework.We currently have two plants operating in California: Sand City and Catalina Island. I didn’t count the one on San Nicholas Island. Haven’t seen any impact from these units. It’s true that they are smaller, but we should have data on their impact on the environment.

There are desalination plants all over the world. Israel gets 40 percent of its water from desalination; Saudi Arabia has a plant producing 1.025 million cubic meters of water per day, and Florida has 33 plants. These areas don’t seem to have environmental issues.

The plant in Carlsbad is expected to raise the water bills by $5 to $7 per month. This is a far cry from the cost we will face in terms of food … if we don’t do something you’re going to be surprised what a head of lettuce will cost, not to mention your water bill. Yes, my friends remember that there was talk that the automobile would never replace the horse. 

There are 15 applications in California for desalination plants. What’s the hold up?

Pat Donnelly
La Palma
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Remembering sails aboard Argus

Re: Argus to sail again (Jan. 30, 2014 issue). I hope that ship doesn’t end up being scraped. It seems sad that it can’t be kept by the boy scouts and still used for trips. 

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RE: Duncan McIntosh at the helm as The Log navigates to 1,000th issue (June 19 issue). Congrats on the milestone! I have always described The Log as a true newspaper with a boating problem. It’s in a class by its own. Anything going on with boating in SoCal The Log knows about it. A trusted friend with quality reporting. To another 1,000 issues and beyond! 

Scott Croft, BoatUS
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Fisherman’s Village

Re: Developers offer preview of new Marina del Rey’s Fisherman’s Village (June 19 issue). Great concept for an aging site. Too bad it takes so long to implement.

Tom Joyce
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But no way to launch a boat 

Re: Redondo Beach Harbor: Peaceful marinas and active lifestyles (June 19 issue). But there is no way to launch a boat in king harbor. The boat hoist has been closed since last fall. The city finally agreed to get a contractor to fix it, with an estimate of 10 weeks for the repair… and no start date yet.

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