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 In the April 25-May 8 edition of The Log, the “Women takes giant New Zealand bluefin” (Page 26) story can to an abrupt end. The paragraph should read: With the existing women’s 6 kg line class record at 21.69 kg (47 pounds, 13 oz.), Pedlar’s fish is plenty big enough to qualify.

An open letter to the patrons of Azure Seas            

The Azure Seas is gone. The only five star enterprise in Oceanside Harbor, her abandoned owners the victims of slander and theft, their lease canceled.            

In my seven year professional association as a boat captain with Virginia and Wolford Brown I have never found them to be anything but honest and forthright in their dealings. Unfortunately that cannot be said of all of those who worked for them.             Virginia Brown sports a lively 83 years and a history in aviation and high fashion. These days, however, failing eyesight and frail health keeps her closer to the ground. Mr. Brown, a retired bridge engineer, matches her in enthusiasm and sports an equal number of decades.            

I have heard it said in loud and public voices spoken of the Browns that they do not pay their bills. That is true. They do not. Instead of personally attending to their properties in their advancing years, they have found it necessary to leave these services to managers who, with fiduciary responsibilities, were to attend these matters. Here is where some of the confusion may be set, fostered both by those without specific knowledge of the situation, and intentionally fostered by those who, in criminal method, have raked the Browns’ accounts cruelly leaving them without their beloved Azure Seas, slandered and in scant retirement. The damages, ironically, perpetrated by the very ones most responsible for their loss. So severe is this damage that legal steps on behalf of the Browns have been taken and warrant action issued in this regard. To be continued…            

With the return of Ren and Kim Porter to the rescue of the Azure Seas two years ago a marked improvement in the management quality was instantly set in action. The result was a distinct and costly turn around and earnest efforts made to achieve the satisfaction of all those who were negatively affected by previous managers. But, as everyone knows, it is easier to gather every single feather scattered from a pillow in a high wind than to quell a single rumor. Especially when the feathers are scattered from high places.            

So now, the Azure Seas is gone. She graces another port perhaps more deserving of her, but never as much loved.            

To her crew of 13, now dismissed, who worked so diligently and in earnest to become the best, making my position as captain proud of them, our vessel and her service to the city of Oceanside, with fond and tearful memories I salute them all: Their names: Capt. Joe G., first mate Joe T., Ben, Oliver, Melissa, Jamie, Patti, Arthur, Mark, Joel, Ashton, Ren and Kim.

Robert A. Kendrick, Proud Capt. formerly of the Azure Seas, Oceanside

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