Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Gov. Brown signs opposition to offshore oil drilling proposals (issue Sept. 21-Oct. 4)

“Vote against this American dictator”
Every federal land bill passed by the Obama Administration has been either eliminated or challenged by Trump — it is appalling. The voting public must stand firm and voice their opposition to these senseless, vindictive policies that will affect our environment for years to come. I urge the public to vote against this American dictator. Get out and vote.
Arthur Gacad


“Hypocrisy, pure and simple”
An every time I see this reference, I call BS on Brown’s so-called opposition to offshore drilling because he has opened state waters to offshore drilling. How the hell he gets lauded as an environmentalist is beyond me. Opposing the feds on this is rather a fool’s errand, will require years of lawsuits, etc. Worse yet, the wells he approves are in low income regions of the state. Hypocrisy, pure and simple.
Dan Jordan via Facebook


Re: California Fishing License: Two More States Adopt 12-Month System (issue Feb. 9-23) 

A third option
There’s a third option that seldom gets mentioned that would restore some revenue: proration. There must be some number of casual anglers who look at the calendar during the summer and fall and just skip buying the license for the remainder of the calendar year. Instead, there should be tiers of cost that decrease through the season. This is how some some sports channels (NBA League Pass comes to mind). This would bridge the gap between one- and two-day passes and the annual cost which just doesn’t represent a good value during summer, when fishing has maximum appeal.
Norm Alioto


Re: Bloomin’ Hazards: Navigating Blue-Green Algae in California (issue Sept. 21-Oct. 4) 

Scientific support or no?
Actually, we have seen some algae blooms this year locally, in Channel Islands Harbor, even as May and June weather were a bit cooler than normal. Weather and water temperature warmed up considerably later in the summer, so I guess that doesn’t support the global warming/algae link theory so well.
G. Miller


Re: Superyachts in Orange County’s waters (issue Sept. 21-Oct. 4)

Access off Big Corona
They should have an anchorage out off Big Corona, and use their fleet of tenders for access into the harbor.
L. Achoy

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