Q: RE: “Prowler-Attessa Collision Still Being Investigated” (Sept. 2019)

Any updates on this investigation?  Thank you.

David G Villagomez

A: The U.S. Coast Guard investigation this reader is inquiring about was looking into a collision of a 65-foot sportfisher and 332-foot luxury yacht that happened about nine miles off the coast of Imperial Beach, somewhere near the U.S.-Mexico border, on Oct. 26, 2018. The Log reported on the collision several times between 2018 and 2019, with the latest update provided in September 2019 stating the investigation was still ongoing. Several injuries were reported and at least one person died, according to news reports and unnamed sources that were on the scene, according to the 2019 Log article. The Log recently followed up with the USCG and was told in an email the investigation has been closed. Lieutenant Kristin Kam, Chief of USCG Investigations Division, said the USCG was unable to provide any additional information on the investigation without a Freedom of Information Act Request. The Log plans to file that request and will follow up once that information has been provided.


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