Cal 20 and Mercury classes to compete in Fall One Design Regatta

Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club hosts the sailing competition in San Pedro, Nov. 9-10.

SAN PEDRO—The 2019 Fall One Design Regatta will be held in San Pedro, Nov. 9-10, with Cal 20 and Mercury classes expected to compete (with at least three entries). Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club is the regatta’s host.

The regatta is open to all One-Design members of Southern California Yachting Association or U.S. Sailing Association-recognized yacht club. Sailors must be members in good standing of their class association. The entry fee is $50.

Four races will be held on Nov. 9, with three more scheduled for Nov. 10 (time and weather permitting). A completion of at least three races constitutes a series. One race shall be thrown out if five races are completed.

There will be a warning signal given at 12:25 p.m. on both days of racing; no racing will start after 3 p.m. on Nov. 10.

Cabrillo Beach YC will host a sailors meeting at 10 a.m. on Nov. 9, at the club’s dry storage yard.

The yacht club offers two hoists (up to 6,000 pounds capacity) and a 14-foot-wide dinghy ramp.

There will be an awards program after racing, with trophies awarded based upon entries. Cabrillo Beach YC will have its bar open to competitors after racing.

Contact Race Chair Jib Kelly at 310-293-5348; public relations officer Dennis Dyer is also available at 310-618-4379 to answer questions about the regatta.

Sailing instructions and course information will be made available to competitors during registration.

Cabrillo Beach YC is located at 211 West 22nd Street in San Pedro.

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