Embarking on Ocean Adventures? Fast Facts for Cruise Planning

Feeling the urge to set sail and explore the vast ocean? Before you hoist your anchor, let's dive into some savvy cruise tips to ensure smooth sailing ahead.

Destination Dilemma

First things first: where to? Delve into creating your cruise file, whether it’s a digital stash or a good old-fashioned binder, brimming with dreams of places to visit. Gather intel from seasoned sailors who’ve charted the waters you fancy. Cruising clubs and boating organizations are treasure troves of firsthand insights.


Next, cozy up with a stack of cruising guides tailored to your chosen haven. These nifty companions will unveil marinas, anchorages and must-see stops along the way. From fueling stations to local eateries, these guides dish out the details.


If your voyage takes you beyond U.S. borders, buckle up for some bureaucratic fun. Familiarize yourself with entry procedures and cruising permits and check out the U.S. Department of State website for the lowdown.


Navigating the Itinerary

Plotting your course is part of the adventure! After devouring cruising guides, jot down a wish list of sights and sounds to soak in along the way. Seek out insider tips from locals for added zest.


Keep in mind that marina availability varies – some operate on a first-come, first-served basis, while others welcome reservations. Plan smart, especially for popular ports. For longer stays, snagging a slip ahead of time is wise, especially during peak seasons.


Time is of the Essence

Ah, the ticking clock – every cruiser’s nemesis. Match your itinerary to your timetable, factoring in cruising speeds and potential setbacks. Aim for a cruising speed about 70% of your vessel’s max to stay on track.


Don’t forget to factor in wiggle room for foul weather days. Reserve at least one per week to dodge stormy seas and unexpected squalls. And when your odyssey nears its end, grant yourself a day of R&R to savor the memories before returning to the daily grind. After all, every journey deserves a grand finale. Happy cruising!

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