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MARINA DEL REY– The Sunday Sailing Club in Marina del Rey called the Marina Sunday Sail Club (MSSC) welcomes everyone from beginners to experienced crew and skippers to test and learn new skills out on the water.

The course begins at 10 a.m. with a light brunch followed by afternoon sailing in Santa Monica Bay and a dock party with wine and cheese (BYOB). The entire experience costs $15, and participants will learn, practice, or sharpen their sailing skills.

The club meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday at Burton Chase Park Clubhouse from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. For those interested in becoming a member, the cost is $100 per year. That fee will include 22 brunches, 22 sails, and 22 dock parties, including annual holiday parties and 4-8 sails to Catalina Island.

The club recommends that first-timers bring water and sunscreen with them, and if you’re prone to seasickness, it is recommended that you take a non-drowsy sea sickness pill at least two hours before the meeting begins.

MSSC was founded in 1976 by three sailors known as “The Crew.” That crew included Connie Scroggs, Dawn O’Day, and Ron Segel, who had all crewed extensively on day sails and trips to Catalina. Scroggs had a 22-foot sloop, and Segel had recently sold his.

All three were always in demand as crew because they made sailing their number one priority. As a result, they listened to hundreds of often repeated stories from skippers who complained that they invited guests who never showed up or were not very seaworthy if they did.

On the other hand, many people really wanted to go sailing but didn’t know any boat owners. Thus, the idea behind the club is to suit the desires of both the skippers and the crew. It brings them together to participate in outstanding sailing days with knowledgeable, enthusiastic and involved people.

Crew members are not expected to be [at the level of] Joshua Slocums but must progress to the point where they can assist the skipper. Safety has always been of primary concern, as has the member’s desire to enhance their sailing skills.

The first meeting was held at Don the Beachcomber’s in Marina del Rey, and 150 people attended. The interest has never been wanted in the ensuing years. However, with no specific meeting place and no present Sunday sails, it was necessary to call all the members and let them know when and where to meet.

The three founders did all the telephoning. Did you ever try to call over 150 singles in California before the days of answering machines? It was a significant problem, as was finding a place to gather before sailing to make boat assignments. But, difficult as it was, we managed to survive until Burton Chace Park was built, and the club was allowed to meet there bi-monthly.

By 1981, the organization had matured to the point where it was not feasible to be run by just a few people, and it was decided to elect officers and collect a small number of dues. At this time, the name was changed from the original title of “The Crew” to the “Marina Single Sailing Club.” [The club was created to bring singles with common interests together.]

In 1984 the club was incorporated in California, and a few bylaws were written. In 2008 in keeping with changing demographics and to attract a more extensive base, the term “Singles” was dropped from the club’s name and replaced with “Sunday,” reflecting our ongoing practice of meeting and sailing on Sundays.

The concept of an easygoing yet serious sailing club persists today. Members are active in various offices and activities, including four parties and four trips to Catalina each year. In addition, there is a once-a-month cleaning of a member’s boat and a monthly safety class. This, in addition to two Sunday sails each month, gives a well-rounded sports activity that is one of the most desirable aspects of life in Southern California.

Current board Members are: Tom Dumas – Commodore, Kenny Neal – Vice Commodore, Selvee Provost – Secretary, Margaret Brooker -membership chair, John Powers – Fleet Captain, Alla Zhandova – Social Chair, Heidi Mylo – Treasurer.

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