New 3-Person Crew Class Planned for Border Run2

Byline: The Log Staff

New 3-Person Crew Class Planned for Border Run2

LONG BEACH — In keeping with their mission to make sailboat racing more available to more people, Border Run race organizers have created a new three-person crew class for the new Border Run2 race, which is scheduled to start from Long Beach June 29.

Recognizing the difficulty that some skippers have in recruiting a full crew, particularly on larger boats, the Border Run race organizers said they are looking to turn negatives into positives.

“We looked at the success of races like the Three Bridge Fiasco up north, and thought this was a good way to keep more boats on the water — and, at the same time, bring something new to the table,” said Bob Long, Border Run2 organizer and race co-founder.

“Racers love a challenge, and we’re here to present them with one,” Long added, “and hopefully, at the same time, keep sailboat racing in Southern California vibrant and moving forward.”

“It’s also a good way for skippers to discover and get into shorthanded sailing,” said Steve Ashley of Shoreline Yacht Club, the organizing authority for the event.

The inaugural Border Run2 is scheduled to start Friday, June 29 — one of the longest sailing days of the year. The Long Beach start-line is expected to be filled with a wide variety of designs, from Lasers, multihulls and maxis to kiteboards.

Competitors will race to one of four different destinations, depending on each sailor’s preference. Racers can choose to sail directly to Newport Beach, Dana Point or San Diego; or sail to San Diego via Los Coronados islands, into international waters.

The good news for all the entrants is no matter which course they choose, a party will be awaiting their arrival, Long said. Border Run2 organizers are also offering a discount for those who enter by June 1.

Border Run2 is being organized collectively by XS, Shoreline Yacht Club (the organizing authority) and Dana Point Yacht Club; and is sponsored by West Marine, Gladstone’s Long Beach and Ullman Sails. The event is outfitted by Pirates Lair.

Like Border Run1, held in March, Border Run2 is a charity event supporting City2 Sea and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). These charities look to provide stewardship for the world’s oceans, promote the sport of sailing to a new generation and fight blood cancers and skin cancer.

To find out more about Border Run2 or to enter this inaugural summertime race, visit or call (800) 366-8584.

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