Portsmouth Folly to feature Portsmouth Centerboards, Keelboats and Harbor 20s

Balboa Yacht Club hosts end-of-the-year regatta on Dec. 14.

NEWPORT BEACH—At least three classes of boats will be eligible to compete in the upcoming Portsmouth Folly in Newport Beach, Dec. 14. The regatta, which is hosted by Balboa Yacht Club, will be open to boats, 22 feet and smaller, in the Keelboat and Portsmouth Centerboard classes. Harbor 20s with a 92 rating will also be eligible to compete.

There will be two classes competing in Portsmouth Folly: A and B. Class A will be for Portsmouth Keelboats and Harbor 20s. Those with Portsmouth Centerboard boats will be in Class B. Both classes will award the top “family boat.”

Registration must be completed before noon on Dec. 14; a Skipper’s Meeting will be held at Balboa YC’s flag deck, starting at 12:30 p.m. A warning signal for the first race will be at 1 p.m.

Balboa YC’s Race Tower will serve as the starting and finishing area for the race. All courses would be inside of Newport Beach Harbor.

U.S. Sailing’s Portsmouth Yardstick will be used as the regatta’s scoring system.

“A boat’s series score will be the tootle of her race scores,” the regatta’s Notice of Race stated. “No score shall be excluded.”

Several awards will be handed out after the race. Class awards and a special award for top family boat would be the prizes handed out for Keelboats and Centerboard classes. Special prizes would also be awarded to the youngest sailor and most festive crew.

The number of prizes awarded will be contingent upon how many entries exist in each class.

Sailing Instructions will be available after noon on Dec. 13; the instructions will be posted outside the Balboa YC race office.

There is one rule change associated with this regatta: the 720-degree turn is replaced by a 360-degree turn (Rule 44.2).

The entry fee is $10. Visit for registration; all registration must be completed online.

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