SoCal 300 launches California Offshore Race Week

Organizers of the SoCal 300 have announced a new circuit to the race series: California Offshore Race Week.

The new race was the brainchild of racer Manouch Moshayedi, owner of Rio 100, who wanted to create a downwind race through the Channel Islands. 

“The race was created as there were quite a few boats who wanted a new offshore challenge and were excited to race in the waters between San Francisco and San Diego as they are predominantly windy which will make for a great ride down the coast,” said SoCal 300 Event Coordinator David Servais. “The stopover ports were selected as they seem to be the most fun port cities to vacation in while coming down the coast.”

Five yacht clubs – Encinal, San Francisco, Monterey Peninsula, Santa Barbara and San Diego – have joined forces and races to provide offshore racers with ocean-rated boats on a course from San Francisco to San Diego with stops in Monterey and Santa Barbara. 

Racers can either compete in the entire weeklong event or they can join in any of the individual races. 

California Offshore Race Week starts on May 27 in San Francisco Bay. From there the fleet will make their 88-nautical-mile trip to Monterrey for a day long layover before hitting the water for Santa Barbara, where racers will enjoy a multi-day rest period. The Coastal Cup starts in Monterrey Bay and runs 200 nautical miles around Point Conception and into Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara YC will host shore side parties. The final leg starts June 3 with the SoCal 300 sending the fleet through the Channel Islands on their way to San Diego. 

An award ceremony will be held on June 5 at San Diego YC. 

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