British Rowers Hit by Storm, Rescued off Japan

Byline: Associated Press

TOKYO (AP) — Two British adventurers who were caught in a storm while attempting to row across the Pacific were rescued June 8 off the coast of Japan.

Sarah Outen, who said her boat rolled over and was damaged in the storm during her attempted journey around the world, was rescued by the Japanese coast guard.

Outen had signaled for help 560 miles off Japan’s northeastern coast June 7, saying there was a hole in her boat and that water was seeping in, according to the coast guard.

Charlie Martell, who got caught up in the same storm, was rescued some 680 miles off northeastern Japan by the Russian crew of the bulk carrier Last Tycoon.

Martell’s brother in law, Adrian Bell, told London’s The Independent newspaper that Martell’s boat Blossom had suffered structural damage and had capsized repeatedly.

Martell said on his website that he was trying to set a record for rowing “solo and unsupported” across the Pacific.

Outen embarked on her planned 2.5-year journey in April 2011. She was trying to circle the globe using only human power — cycling, rowing and kayaking more than 20,000 miles.

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