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Has a space shuttle invaded our oceans?

The 2017 Jet Capsule looks like a space shuttle on water. This is exactly what designer and co-founder Pierpaolo Lazzarini had in mind when he created the Jet Capsule.

This pod-like yacht measure over 24 feet long and nearly 12 feet wide. The capsule’s frame and hull is made of fiberglass. The diesel engine allows the Jet Capsule to cruise at a top speed of up to 38 to 58 knots. This new series offers jet drive transmission.

“I wanted to create a boat that, despite being not very big, caught people’s eye because of its style,” Lazzarini said. “It’s such a compact yet luxurious yacht – small enough to minimize high maintenance costs but large enough to carry a group of friends who can sleep aboard in comfort.”

The Jet Capsule includes dual idrojet propulsion, rear semi-automatic sliding doors, a sunroof and deck for sunbathing, toilet, pilot cabin, private jet armchairs and air conditioner. The windows are photocromic. It can seat up to 13 passengers and has a bedroom along with its bathroom and optional kitchen compartment.

The Jet Capsule is built to order, and the construction usually takes from six to eight months.

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(photo courtesy of JET CAPSULE S.R.L.)

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