Channel Islands Harbor to re-open boat launch ramp

Boaters granted access to the ramp as of April 24, but new guidelines are in place – and enforced.

OXNARD—Ventura County offered some good news for local boaters: the boat launch ramp at Channel Islands Harbor re-opened to the boating public as of April 24 – but the re-opening comes with a set of strict guidelines for boaters to follow.

Mark Sandoval, Ventura County Harbor Department’s director, announced the following guidelines for boat launch ramp use:

  • the ramp will open daily at 6 a.m.
  • the ramp will close daily at 6 p.m.
  • Harbor Patrol will cite any vehicles remaining in the parking lot after it closing time
  • cited vehicles will be prohibited from using the boat launch ramp for one month
  • only three launch lanes (out of six) will be open during operating hours
  • only two of the four washing stations will be open during operating hours
  • boaters are urged to engage in social distancing when parking their vehicle/trailer
  • use of each vehicle or vessel will be limited to members of the same household
  • the Harbor Department recommends everyone wear masks when outside their vehicle or vessel.

“This reopening is meant to enhance wellness by facilitating outdoor recreation while including social distancing requirements to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus,” Sandoval said in a released statement. “We appreciate the patience of our boating community and expect them to continue to practice safe social distancing.”

Ventura County’s Harbor Department ordered the closures of Channel Island Harbor’s boat launch ramp, parks and beach parking lots on April 3.

Sandoval said the re-opening of the boat launch ramp would enhance public recreational opportunities, “while meeting the requirements of the Ventura County Public Health Order issued April 20.”

County officials said the closures were necessary to “minimize the public’s exposure to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).”

“As more neighboring beaches and launch ramps are closing around us, we are seeing an increase in crowds here at Channel Islands Harbor and beaches,” Sandoval said in a released statement. “We are making this move for the safety of our community, employees and visitors.”

Closure signs were posted, and barricades erected, formally notifying the public which areas are off limits.

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