Newport Harbor Commission postpones talks on mooring administration policies

With a packed agenda concerning large vessel permits, surveying the public for a unified harbor vision and the infamous bridge jumpers, Newport Beach Harbor Commission voted to postpone a discussion on mooring policies. One of the larger issues at the harbor, mooring policies was also itemized for the meeting on Aug. 8.

According to a staff report posted online, a few of the talking points were slated to be “revoked moorings that revert to the city, requests for extensions, appropriate mooring sizes and sand-line moorings.”

Newport Beach has long been hoping to welcome larger vessels, such as Invictus, into their harbor on a more frequent basis. Currently, the Coast Guard needs to approve permits for vessels larger than 100 feet, but those following moorings in Newport can expect to see more on this hot-button topic.

Newport Beach Harbor Commission meetings take place the second Wednesday of each month unless otherwise announced. Expect the Harbor Commission to pick up where this discussion left off at the next meeting in September.

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