No Santa Barbara Harbor Commission meetings in March or April

The Santa Barbara Harbor Commission traditionally takes two or three meetings off-calendar each year, but those cancelations generally occur during the summer, when commissioners are on vacation or there isn’t enough business to put on an agenda.

Throw tradition out the door in 2020, as everything is thrown off pace due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Two Harbor Commission meetings have already been canceled this year – and we’re not yet at summer.

The Santa Barbara Harbor Commission canceled its April 16 meeting – a few weeks after taking the March 19 meeting off-calendar. The cancelation of both meetings coincided with California’s Stay at Home/Safer at Home orders, which went into effect just before the March 19 commission meeting.

The two cancelation notices, for the record, did not specifically state each meeting was taken off-calendar because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Santa Barbara city staff stated the next Harbor Commission meeting, which is on May 21, is still scheduled. The Log will keep in touch with the city of Santa Barbara and report on when the next meeting would take place.

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