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Port of San Diego Celebrates its 22 Parks with a Proclamation for Parks and Recreation Month

SAN DIEGO—On July 11, the Board of Port Commissioners authorized a resolution proclaiming its support of Parks and Recreation Month. The Port of San Diego’s Parks and Recreation department manages public access to 22 parks as well as public boat launches, fishing piers, event facilities, and a diverse collection of public artworks for the benefit of public recreation, passive enjoyment, community gatherings, and special events.


Celebrated since 1985, Park and Recreation Month raises public awareness about the role of open public space and recreation in communities and people’s lives. It encourages individuals and organizations to participate in outdoor recreational activities and allows governments and businesses to show their commitment to planning and maintaining green spaces in urban settings.


“As a port of communities, the Port of San Diego prides itself in offering community members and visitors 22 parks along the waterfront, giving the public access to some of the most precious views in San Diego to all,” said Chairman Rafael Castellanos, Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners in a press release from July 11. “As we reflect on what a true treasure our waterfront parks are, we would [also like] to recognize the many women and men working at the Port of San Diego that maintain and manage our parks so we can all enjoy them.”


The Port provides opportunities for community events and several other activations through its event sponsorship initiatives called the Tidelands Activation Programs (TAP). TAP was recently amended by the Port’s Board to increase event sponsorship opportunities and to provide a better balance of public access and support for public events at Port parks and venues. Some free TAP events the public has grown to love include the Big Bay Boom, San Diego Bay Parade of Lights, South Bay Pride, Symphony by the Sea, and more.


The Port of San Diego will soon go from 22 parks to 23 following the construction of Sweetwater Park, which is anticipated to open in 2024, giving community members and visitors another waterfront park to enjoy. A 24th park, Freedom Park at Navy Pier, is expected to open in 2029.

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