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Actions Proposed to Combat Illegal Fishing

On June 27, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration proposed new measures to strengthen its ability to combat illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing. The proposal broadens the scope of activities that can be considered under the High Seas Driftnet Fishing Moratorium Protection Act for IUU fishing. The proposal also includes fishing activities in waters beyond any national jurisdiction that involves the use of forced labor may be considered by NOAA in identifying nations for IUU fishing under the Act. “IUU fishing undermines sustainable fisheries and healthy ocean ecosystems, threatens economic security and natural resources critical to global food security, and puts law-abiding fishers and seafood producers in the U.S. and abroad at a disadvantage,” said Janet Coit, assistant administrator for NOAA Fisheries, acting assistant secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and deputy NOAA administrator in a NOAA press release. “NOAA is committed to strengthening the suite of tools we use to combat all forms of IUU fishing and counter the use of forced labor in the seafood supply chain.” NOAA also seeks to expand the information foreign fishing vessels must submit when requesting entry to a U.S. port. The proposal includes a risk assessment of incoming vessels determining if they have participated in IUU fishing activities and if they should be denied entry to the port. Learn more about NOAA’s work at

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One thought on “Actions Proposed to Combat Illegal Fishing

  • Yes please, we should all adhere to safe and legal fishing measures. As much as I love fishing myself, we need to make sure that we can keep our demand and supply balanced.



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