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Blips on the Radar: Revisiting the King Harbor Amenities Plan

What happened: The Harbor Commission of King Harbor in Redondo Beach began the discussion of the King Harbor Public Amenities plan, process, and timeline. The pan will focus on revamping the harbor and expanding on the amenities that will be and are currently offered.


 At a Feb. 7 working group meeting, SWA, an LA-based landscape architecture group, presented sketch drawings of the various public amenities and incorporated options for items such as pedestrian paths, bicycle lanes added to main pedestrian routes, directional signage, entrance identifiers, ADA accessible paths, and waterfront access by type of user. The public was asked to provide input at the March 7 meeting.


On Feb. 14, The Redondo Beach King Harbor Commission held a virtual meeting to discuss the King Harbor Public Amenities plan, process, and timeline. This was the first inquiry for public input on waterfront issues since 2017, when voters passed a measure that blocked a developer, limited waterfront uses, and spawned a series of lawsuits.



Phase one of the project was to launch and listen. From Oct.- to Dec. 2021, the project had a pop-up event at the Veterans Park Farmers Market in an effort for outreach to the public and a second pop-up at the Redondo Beach Pier. The first community meeting was on Dec. 15. What was heard from this public and what they asked for during the outreach attempts was:

  1. Restrooms and showers
  2. Dining and Shopping
  3. A boat launch
  4. A dinghy dock
  5. Cohesive walkways and parking
  6. A green space and gathering space
  7. Dog park and dog walking area
  8. An educational center and resources
  9. Concerts, events, and entertainment
  10. Bike lanes and bike parking
  11. Dry boat storage
  12. Seating


Phase two has made progress on public opinions regarding the Seaside Lagoon and the Sportfishing Pier. In addition, landscape architecture firm SWA Group from Los Angeles presented ideas inspired by input from Redondo Beach residents at a virtual meeting in December and pop-up kiosks.


Phase two of the project explored and synthesized from Jan.- to April 2022. Phase two included:

  • Presenting options to the community for feedback.
  • Beginning plan development.
  • Hosting the second virtual meeting.
  • Hosting two more pop-up events for public outreach.


What’s on Tap: The Redondo Beach Amenities Plan is currently exiting phase two and entering phase three, which will share and evaluate the plan in a community meeting sometime in the next two months.


Phase four will be public hearings which will take place between April and June. Phase four will present 100 percent of the Draft King Harbor Public Amenities Plan for final approval.


Jeremy Klemic from SWA presented two approaches for Seaside Lagoon, “the civic heart of King Harbor” was the first approach is a more “passive” open public lawn next to a smaller lagoon and a second “aquatic development” with water jets, a wave pool and lap pool – also part of a smaller lagoon with adjacent public lawn for year-round use.



Each option provides a direct path to the oceanfront and a possible bandshell.


SWA showed a spruced-up structure for the closed sportfishing pier, with “dock and dine” areas for small and large watercraft and fishing spots. The first part drew favorable comments from the public, while the second, questions.


Some public members expressed concerns with the sportfishing pier, requesting it be removed as an amenity, and others raised concerns about having fishing and motorboats comingle in the same harbor.


As for Moonstone Park, SWA showed three options:

  • An enhanced existing park.
  • A smaller park with an expanded Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club next to it.
  • A minimal park with dry-boat storage.


The enhanced existing park option was dominant in the feedback. A public member proposed expanding Moonstone Park and taking it to the north edge of the spit, removing a section of the parking lot.


Another resident suggested moving the outriggers’ launch to Mole C.

Moles are the artificial alphabetized landmasses at King Harbor, from Mole A at the north end (King Harbor Yacht Club) to Mole D at the south edge by the International Boardwalk.


As for the Boardwalk, no significant changes were shown by SWA other than revamping restrooms, retrofitting for sea-level rise, and adding greenery. Public comments included requests for mini amphitheaters, busking and/or street music performances, and to bring back the arcade and add a carousel.


While the King Harbor Amenities Plan focuses on seven main features, the Seaside Lagoon remains the most immediate.


Brandy Forbes, community development director, pointed out that improving the spot is a current city project, with a budget coming together and preparation underway to go out with request-for-proposals. SWA’s work will be incorporated into this.


Next, for the harbor amenities plan, SWA is to offer a complete draft package for each feature, invite feedback and hold another community meeting sometime in mid-May, according to the City of Redondo Beach. King Harbor is accepting surveys from the public from April 1-17.


For more information on the Amenities Plan, please email or call (310) 318-0631.

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