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Re: Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach; more than one dozen passengers rescued (issue July 12-25 )


An Intriguing Point …

Beached a few hundred yards north of the Mission Beach entrance. This last item in the article is interesting: “Andrew Viola, by coincidence, was the captain of Prowler when it collided with Attessa IV in October 2018.”

Drenick David via Facebook


Re: Flat Earthers will embark on a cruise for the Flat Earth Conference in 2020 (issue June 28-July11)


Passing on the Flat Earthers Cruise

No way Jose! I’m not going on that cruise. It’s gonna get to the end of the earth and fall over the side.

Brett Johnson via Facebook


Re: Waterfront developer court-ordered to pay $900,000 in legal fees to Redondo Beach (issue June 28-July11)


“No developer wants to violate the law”

Hi, I know nothing about this development or developer; however, I am capable of recognizing biased reporting when I see it. No developer wants to violate the law (that would expose them as well as the city to litigation which equals delay and added cost). You forgot to mention the City Council approved the EIR then the project and the public process involved in that process. Your second paragraph talks about 2 other lawsuits and does not tie this litigation to the award of attorney fees to the City. This case has nothing to do with the Project and its status or lack thereof. It is about the City’s efforts to recover attorney costs. Try to do better at reporting the facts and less emphasis on interjecting your personal bias.
David Tanner



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