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RE: “Catalina Island Co. plans to shut down Casino theater” (Nov. 15-28)

Maybe a membership scenario could work. People make a living just posting their life on Patreon, so a different tactic needs to be employed to save this icon.

Jeffrey Brown


Excuses, excuses, excuses. Stop it with your excuses, Island Company. Give the locals what they want. Give your visitors what they want. I believe it’s time for you to serve the public and not your pocket books. Do the right thing. Make people like what you do for a change. Especially those living in your own back yard.

Karen Berry


Turning the theater into a dinner theater and having it run as a private concession seems like it could benefit everyone and become a new must do destination for residents and visitors alike. I think a concept like this would be worth considering.

Bill Bires


Advertise the theater and movies to visitors…I would like to see a movie on the family that created Catalina. Kinda like the Palm Springs Tram. Add Starbucks, loose the liquor. Add tram to and from movie…

Vicki Weston


RE: “Environmental Impact Report begins for proposed development on Newport Beach’s Mariners Mile” (Nov. 29-Dec. 12)

Peggy Palmer’s description of Newport Beach as a “small beach town community” is laughable with Hoag Hospital looming over PCH, restaurants similar to The Winery and Rusty Pelican or shops like A’maree’s that are each large self contained buildings in addition to the huge auto and yacht showrooms give short shrift to that idea! It always amazes me what some of these supposedly “community members” groups can come up with as arguments. I’m not one for unnecessary or over development but much of the “miracle mile” is old and grungy maybe a new look would improve the area and bring more visitors to the area. Apartments are a great idea for Newport Beach but alas they likely will be extremely overpriced and unapproachable for most people.

Kevin Chard


Poll results: What should be done to Mariner’s Mile?

Newport Village project should move forward 56.52%

Nothing, no redevelopment 26.09%

It needs a new redevelopment project 13.04%

Other 4.35% 


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