Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “San Diego County shuts down recreational boating and fishing” (Online update)

WE ARE going fishing when we run out of food, in order to feed ourselves and neighbors. ANYONE who tries to stop us will be deemed a direct threat to human life, national security, and constitutional rights, and WILL be responded to as such.

good luck


RE: “COVID-19: We will get through this together” (April 3-16)

Nicely said, Parimal. I want to give you a shout-out for the reporting you have done and overseen on behalf of the SoCal boating community. We too often don’t simply say “thanks.”

Rick Dinon, S/C SCYA


Thank you for your positivity!

Mickey Marraffino


RE: “Tall ship ‘Pilgrim’ keels over” (March 20–April 2)

I was lucky enough to work at Kettenburg Marine in the late 80’s and got to repair her shaft log, rudder log and do some planking repairs. She was a work of art. I hope she can be saved by someone. She is worth it.



This gem can still serve a purpose. Put it up on the hard and let it dry out to still be appreciated.

Tom Rega


Older boats that do not fit into harbor redevelopment plans, that develop dangerous leaks which are neglected by their owners for not months, but years tend to sink and disappear after a short period of corporate public grief.

Pilgrim Lover

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