Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “San Diego County shuts down recreational boating and fishing” (April 17-30)

Bicycling all over the city is fine alone or with others is OK but taking my sailboat out is not? I’m confused by strange interpretation of restrictions as there is much less personal contact on the water.

M Morrow

Utterly ridiculous! In my many years of fishing from my boat I’ve never been closer than six feet from a stranger. I don’t need a big brother to babysit me and never wanted one. I guess the harbor patrol needs to flex their muscles in boredom.



RE: “Note to Sheriff: It’s Docking Time in Newport Beach” (April 17-30)

The public access issue at the OC Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol in Newport Harbor is still under review by the California Coastal Commission. The Sheriff submitted a retro-active CDP application to close off public access. On September 6, 2019 the application was rejected by the Coastal Commission. The Sheriff’s Department currently stands in violation of the law. A detailed investigation of the actions by the OC Harbor suggest the public access closures initiated by Sheriff’s management were designed to create a more comfortable work environment for the Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol and to impede live-aboard boater access to the dinghy dock. It seems the OC Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol is more interested in serving themselves than serving the public.

Concerned Boater


RE: “Waterfront ‘baked into DNA’ of Santa Barbara’s new waterfront director” (April 17-30)

As a longtime resident of Santa Barbara, and a user of our wonderful Marina, I bid you welcome, and best of luck in your new position.

Robert Glogow



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