Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “Dana Point Boaters Association President Retires and Reflects on 15 years of Advocating Boater Interests” (Feb. 5-18)


Kudos to Mr. Lenthall for helping to get the Dana Point Harbor revitalization over the hump. Hopefully, he can kick back and enjoy watching the progress in the harbor.

Budget Boater


RE: “Fast Facts: Anaheim Landing: From Port to Housing to Naval Base” (Jan. 22-Feb. 4)

My great grandparents had a beach house at Anaheim Landing and my grandparents had a cottage. I have a couple of photos that I would love to share. My mother, in an oral history, shared some wonderful memories of summers spent at Anaheim Landing in the 1930s. The moms and kids staying all week with the dads coming in on the weekends on the Pacific Electric Streetcar. Monopoly games that lasted all summer in the covered picnic area; a pier with a dock and float. There was an old warehouse that had been turned into a bowling alley with a bathhouse on the upper floor. Hamburgers that were 10 for $1. The Glider Inn at the entrance to Anaheim Landing with Sam’s Grotto at the other end. I know she would be so pleased with the Historical Landmark registration.

Christine Gray


RE: “Ask A Maritime Attorney: Liability and the Importance of Marine Insurance” (Feb. 5-18)

While I more than respect the opinions and guidance provided by Mr. Weil, I must wonder if the one above, although entirely accurate as I understand the facts, is possibly incomplete. Obviously, depending to some extent on his contract with the marina, does not the reader (or his insurance carrier) still have a cause or causes of action against the marina, perhaps in indemnity, and maybe in state court?

Brian Aherne

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