Letters/Online Comments (April 3-16 issue)

RE: “Is Long Beach’s ecosystem restoration project bad news for boaters?” (Feb. 21- March 5)

This project is going to be great for us recreational boaters. More fishing opportunities and better looking water please! If the water is finally clean, heck, I may even jump in!


RE: “Port of San Diego weighs in on potential arrival of Top Golf at Harbor Island” (March 6-19)

This is a terrible idea, and an unbelievably poor utilization of premium waterfront real estate. San Diego enjoys a robust maritime economy: recreational boating, sportfishing, shipping, excursions, etc. Not another square foot of the disappearing shoreline should be utilized for anything that doesn’t contribute directly to these industries. While it would be nice to welcome Top Golf into the San Diego community, it is hard to believe that anyone would think that carving out prime acreage on the northern bay for folks to hit golf balls is a good idea. If the developers want to enhance an area with a trendy recreational facility, put it in the rundown Midway District, or carve out a piece of the Qualcomm stadium land – but leave the waterfront development to people with a vision for maritime best-use!

Dean A West 

RE: “Huntington Harbor Commission finds sea legs in first year” (March 20- April 2)

We appreciate The Log keeping us informed… especially in little Huntington Harbour, more please!

Dee & Kurt Wood

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