San Diegan to lead US Sailing One Design Committee

Chris Snow, a professional sailor and coach, was selected to chair a new US Sailing committee to promote and grow one design participation in the United States.

BRISTOL, RHODE ISLAND—In an effort to promote and grow one design participation in the United States, US Sailing has revitalized a committee to focus on supporting these sailors and segment of the sport. Their mission will begin by addressing areas that have been identified as priorities for one design sailors and class associations.

The One Design Committee will be composed of diverse geographic and one design class members and will be chaired by Chris Snow of San Diego. Snow is a professional sailor and coach who competes in many one design classes. He is also the former One Design Manager for North Sails NA.

“I am really looking forward to working with a great group of volunteers who have already stepped up to help along with my vice chair, Debbie Probst,” Snow said in a released statement. “Ultimately, we want this committee to help grow participation and create opportunities for one design class officers and sailors to interact and learn together to solve shared challenges.”

In the fall of 2020, US Sailing circulated a survey to one design sailors and classes. The results of the survey identified three key areas where support is needed: organizing and coordinating content, fostering communication, and implementing data tracking.

The committee will approach these three areas by establishing task forces comprised of volunteers from around the country who are involved with one design sailing, either through class associations or as a sailor themselves. Regular meetings between the committee and the task forces will be held, and progress reports will be delivered to US Sailing on a semi-annual basis.

“Now, we have in place a structure that allows a community of one design sailors to take the helm again and lead the charge to re-engage one design sailors,” US Sailing Adult Director Betsy Alison said in a released statement. “With the help of these sailors, we’ll have a better understanding of what is important to them and how we can better serve this critical segment of our sailing community.”

In addition to Snow, 11 other members will serve on the committee:

  • Debbie Probst, Vice Chair (Florida) – Lightning, Laser
  • Clark Chapin, Advisor (Michigan) – Interlake
  • Dave Rosekrans, Advisor (Ohio) – Thistle
  • James Crabtree, Member (Missouri) – Flying Scot, Megabyte
  • Chrisy Hughes, Member (Minnesota) – E Scow
  • Fred Roy, Member (Rhode Island) – S Boat
  • Abby Ruhlman, Member (Ohio) – J/111
  • Colin Rupp, Member (North Carolina) – 420, Laser, FJ, J Boats, Melges, PHRF
  • Tucker Strasser, Member (California) – Laser, Lido 14
  • Gail Turluck, Member (Michigan) – Sunfish
  • Betsy Alison, Staff Liaison (Rhode Island) – Multiple dinghy and keelboat classes
  • Nancy Mazzulli, Staff Liaison (Rhode Island) – Multiple dinghy and keelboat classes

For more one design information and resources, visit, US Sailing’s hub for one design resources.


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