House of Representatives introduces outdoor recreation bill aimed at improving infrastructure

H. R. 1334, which was introduced by California’s 44th District Rep. Barragan in February, lays out the groundwork for renovating existing outdoor recreational facilities for boaters and others.

NATIONWIDE—Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragan, representing California’s 44th District comprising of Carson, Florence, North Long Beach and other South Los Angeles County cities, introduced a bill known as the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Grant Program Act, or H. R. 1334. The bill, which would likely please boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts, aims to provide grant money for infrastructure related to recreational activities in national parks, forests and public lands.

Introduced on Feb. 25, the bill has picked up traction with other boating agencies who would like to see outdoor facilities, like marinas and docks at national parks and other outdoor areas, revitalized.

Boating United, for instance, has asked boaters and participants of outdoor hobbies to support the bill. In response to the initial language of the bill, Boating United also hoped to add provisions concerning other areas of boating safety, including prioritization for dredging projects and broadband expansion, both high on the list for safe navigation. Another suggested provision, according to Boating United, would be to update any projects where access would be an issue; this includes trailer parking access, paving roads and boat ramps, improving invasive species decontamination stations and other amenities such as bathrooms.

On their website, Boating United stated, “As Congress works on legislation to update our nation’s infrastructure, it’s critical they address outdoor recreation infrastructure needs by including a “Recreation Title” in their bill.”

The website continues, “Outdoor recreation contributes 2.2 percent to U.S. GDP, with boating and fishing accounting for the largest part of the sector. The recreational boating industry alone generates $170.3 billion in total U.S. economic activity each year, supporting more than 35,000 businesses and 691,000 American jobs.”

Boaters who would like to write local representation to encourage the new bill can visit to compose their messages.


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