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Man Catches a Great White Shark from the Beach

NAUSET BEACH, Mass. 一 On Aug. 11 Fox News reported that an angler on the beach in Massachusetts caught a great white shark that was trying to snag a fish off of his line.

Matt Pieciak was on Nauset Beach with his family when he and his dad decided to throw a couple of fishing lines out into the water.

Pieciak’s cousin Maggie Ciarcia told the Cape Cod Times that the angler had stuck the rod in the sand and gone to play cornhole when the line began to rattle.

Ciracia thought her cousin had caught a fish and began to record Pieciak reeling in the line and the shark appeared thrashing around before breaking free and swimming off.

The best guess is that Pieciak had caught a smaller fish and the shark got caught on the line by mistake trying to snag the smaller fish.

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