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U.S. delegation campaigns Mexican officials for more boating accessposted: 5/21/2015

SAN DIEGO — A delegation of boating and fishing interests from San Diego spent the better part of April in Mexico City and Mazatlan to create more opportunities for anglers and boaters to travel south of the border with minimal hassle.

Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever comes to Avalon: party or liability?posted: 5/21/2015

AVALON — Summer is around the corner and the recreational boating season is picking up, which means Avalon Harbor will be brimming with tourists and visitors for the next few months.

Silent Film Benefit showcases ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

Silent Film Benefit showcases ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

The Log staff  |  posted: 5/14/2015

AVALON — One of the greatest horror films of the silent era will be the feature presentation of the 28th annual Silent Film Benefit.

Sailing Spotlight on Taylor Canfield

Ambrosia Brody  |  posted: 5/22/2015

LONG BEACH – Taylor Canfield, the 26-year-old from U.S. Virgin Islands, successfully defended his Congressional Cup title, during the five-day challenge hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club. 

Dock Lines: What’s going on with the San Salvador launch?

Dock Lines: What’s going on with the San Salvador launch?

Capt. Nicole Sours Larson  |  posted: 5/21/2015

If you’re a passionate San Salvador junkie like me, you’re probably wondering what’s really going on with the launch plans. 

Bill Long provided this photo taken of the start of the seco ...

American Sailor Ziggy, an American bulldog, is an avid swim ...

Visiting The Valley Isle Morgan L. Wilson, Sr., took a copy ...

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By: JR Johnson

Does my marine insurance policy cover earthquake damage?

David Weil, Esq.  |  posted: 5/10/2015

I just renewed my homeowner's insurance policy and it reminded me that I have never seen an earthquake insurance policy offered for a boat. I know that homeowners have to take out separate earthquake policies through the California Earthquake Authority to get coverage. Are boat owners eligible for anything similar? If my boat suffers damage during an earthquake — whether it's in dry storage, on a trailer at home or tied to a dock at a crowded marina — will my marine insurance policy cover it?

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